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How to Buy Facial Tissue?

May. 24, 2021


I believe that many people will have this experience when eating in a restaurant: When eating, the waiter will often bring napkins. However, although these papers look white and soft, they are really unpleasant to use. Either slag, or easy to break, in short, the quality is very average. So, in our daily lives, how can we choose napkins or facial tissues that are comfortable for us to use?

Facial Tissue Folding Machine

Facial Tissue Folding Machine

When buying napkins, many people always pay attention to information such as the appearance of the outer packaging or the overall weight of the tissue, but never pay attention to what raw materials these napkins are made of. In fact, when choosing napkins, you have a lot of knowledge just by looking at the raw material composition of the outer packaging.

Looking at the packaging manufacturing information, regular napkin manufacturers will mark the hygienic license number, factory name, production address, date, and ISO quality implementation standards on the outer packaging. Consumers should not choose some three-no manufacturers or those on the wholesale market for cheap. Napkins in bulk.

Manufacturing raw material information Generally speaking, napkins made of pure wood pulp are not prone to slag, hair loss, etc., and they are not easy to break when exposed to water. The color is fine and the hand feels comfortable;

Do not buy napkins after the expiration date. Generally speaking, although the shelf life of napkins is longer, the napkins that have passed the expiration date are more likely to breed bacteria. Consumers eat it after a meal, and bacteria are more likely to enter the body from the mouth, increasing the incidence of disease.

Buy Taibai napkins with caution. Generally speaking, in order to pursue the aesthetics of the paper, some poor napkin manufacturers often add talcum powder or bleach that contains carcinogenic ingredients, which is very harmful to consumers.

Disposable paper consumption still needs to be cautious. Although the use of disposable paper towels is very convenient for modern people, it should be noted that the manufacture of napkins still consumes a lot of wood. If consumers do not use them in moderation, the consequences for the environment are not only It is as simple as pollution and waste.

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