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Do you Know the Magical Use of Tissue?

Jun. 07, 2021


Today, I want to talk about tissue.

Tissues are a daily life product that must be used by men, women, the elderly and children in our daily life; no matter work, study, rest or entertainment, we can see it everywhere in our daily life and can use it at hand.

Today we found some interesting new ways to close napkins. Hope to help some creative people in life,

Not much to say, let's start our journey!

Hand Towel Tissue Folding Machine

Hand Towel Tissue Folding Machine

In a modern city, it is rare to have a little green in the city. Nowadays, more and more meat lovers are using them. Have you ever seen a novice start playing with leaf inserts with a napkin? Yes, napkins can also play with leaf inserts. Whether you have seedlings or not, you can pick a few leaves directly in the park or from a friend.

And now people are getting lazy, and there are more and more quick-frozen foods, or semi-finished products, such as steamed buns bought in supermarkets. What if there is no steamed cloth in a household?

That's right! Napkins. For example, for the hard brown sugar buns in the picture above, we can put paper towels on the bottom of the steamer. Because of the permeable paper towels, our steamed brown sugar buns will not become sticky due to the dripping water, which will affect the taste. In a short while, the fragrant and beautiful breakfast was completed.

This method can be used for all steamed food by opening up the two channels of Ren and Du. It can also make the fish lasting fresh.

Want to eat seafood at home? The osmotic pressure of the purchased marine fish will be different after being washed with water, which will cause the loss of the umami taste of our fish, what should we do?

Our kitchen tissues lock in the umami taste of sea fish! Before the fish you just bought and put it in the arms of the refrigerator, fold it into small pieces, and then scrape off the remaining internal organs in the fish belly with small hard corners to reduce the fishy smell.

Suddenly my aunt is here, want to eat some brown sugar to replenish my body? But brown sugar clumps and hardens over time? How to do?

Want to make the sugar soft? That's right! You can put the sugar cubes in a large bowl, cover him with wet paper towels, and store them overnight, so that the brown sugar can be loose and loose. One pass Belden, and sugar is the same!

Want to eat meat today? But the meat taken out of the refrigerator will release bleeding during the defrosting process, and the taste of the meat will deteriorate. What should I do if I am not interested in eating it when I look at it? So before the meat is frozen and preserved, we can wrap it with kitchen paper towels, which is our paper towel.

Wrap it with a layer of plastic wrap or a fresh-keeping bag. When it is thawed, our kitchen paper towels can quickly and promptly absorb the blood oozing out of the meat. It can also keep the bread fresh. Put a piece of dry paper towel in the bread bag. You can also have fresh bread that is not easily wet. Paper towels are really all-purpose little things.

Our company also has Hand Towel Tissue Folding Machine on sale, welcome to contact us.

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